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IT Services Management | Computer Services

  IT Service Management is using apps, installing software and other services from computer science. Well, of course it does. Just think of any form of technology you mostly use at your workplace your laptop, the apps/software installed…

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Advantages of Surgery | Benefits of Surgery

Around 15 years ago, most of the medical surgeries conducted by specialists.  However, up to the negligible level exposed surgical procedure has successfully taken over the traditional ones in the last decade. A range of abdominal surgical procedures…

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Artificial Intelligence

The branch of Computer Science that concern with the machine having the ability to compete with the natural brain. machines are specified with certain features that help them to behave like a normal human being. Secondly, Artificial Intelligence…

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Digital Technology in Dental Care | Digital Technology

Digital technology has revolutionized as a term Digital technology in Dental care that the way the world used to identify and utilize. It goes without saying that the domain of dentistry is also impacted by it. Previously, teeth…

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the Cyber warfare | what is Cyber warfare?

The concept of war is till there is the conflicts between human ideology. But the level of war is getting modification according to nations strength. At first it was open war fought on the base of weapon strength….

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