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Artificial Intelligence

The branch of Computer Science that concern with the machine having ability to compete with the natural brain. machines are specified with certain features that help them to behave like normal human being. Secondly Artificial Intelligence is an…

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the Cyber warfare

The concept of war is till there is the conflicts between human ideology. But the level of war is getting modification according to nations strength. At first it was open war fought on the base of weapon strength….

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Galaxy Note 10 Pro

Samsung has it competitive behavior with other android companies. According to certain reports Samsung is working on its four upcoming models. Two of which will co-operate 4 G and remaining have 5 G carrier. This seems practical as…

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Samsung S 8

Samsung is making an attempt to create up for its weakening hardware nightmare. However, it’s one distinct advantage, it’s launching its new commanding admiral phone,  Samsung  S 8.Early enough may be within the year that it gets assist…

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Air-Pods can forever modify the approach you utilize headphones. Whenever you pull your Air-Pods out of the charging case. They instantly activate and connect with your devices Audio mechanically plays as you place them in your ears and…

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