Four easy steps to create a website


Technology has developed much and still developing with the same intensity. Four easy steps to create a website, This development has given number of skills to the learners and the sense has also developed to earn by using these skills.

Now a days a person with good skills or even technology has given up to such a level that a person with no skills can earn technical working on different interest. From one of such methods, there is method of developing a site. In this blog i will guide you by explaining the steps to create your own site so that you can earn through it.

There are four basic steps to create a website

Register your domain name.
Your domain name should reflect your products or services so that your customers can easily find your business through a search engine. if your content will be relevant to your domain name it will be really appreciated.

Find a web hosting company.
This will help you to get your domain name to the internet. And there are monthly charges you would pay depends upon how large is your site and how many visits you are getting. this can also provide through multiple e-mail addresses.

Prepare your content.
Just go through what you want to deliver to your customers through your site. It will help you to characteristic your site you want. think what knowledge, transactions your customers will want then make it as much possible as you can. So that they always need it for best result.

Build your website.
There are two options either to create yourself or to hire a professional for this. The best one is to hire a professional for this if you are new on online working. But the thing is to give regular updates and its maintenance.
A website publishing package can be used to build your own website. These are similar to word processors. But also have inbuilt features to convert your text and images to web content and send it to your website.

Useful tips for creating a website

⦁ Think about what is the interest of your customers, not just what you want to tell them.
⦁ Use professionals to guide you. An unprofessional website can potentially put your customers off.
⦁ Update regularly, especially if you include information about your prices.

Make sure your contact details are correct and easy for your customers to excess

Promote your website in your marketing material and include it on your business cards
⦁ Find out how you can make your website easy for your easy to find excess, such as Google, to find. This is called search engine optimization (SEO). A professional web developer can help you with SEO for your website.

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