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Samsung has it competitive behavior with other android companies. According to certain reports Samsung is working on its four upcoming models. Two of which will co-operate 4 G and remaining have 5 G carrier. This seems practical as such the South Korean tech monster is apparently to launch the handset. With the choice of two screen sizes ( 6.28-inches and 6.75-inches) with the latter one named as the Galaxy Note 10 Pro.

  Battery power of Galaxy Note 10 Pro

The well known tipster ICE university has leaked another idea about the battery potential (voltage/ampere). The battery expected for Samsung Note 10 Pro that will cooperate 4 G standerd is 4500mAh of adequate size.

While, a Korean publication has also posted a picture of the battery. There is expectation of using  that battery in upcoming one version of the Galaxy Note 10. The model with this battery will also named as the 4G LTE enabled Galaxy Note 10 Pro. And that model will carry the SM-N975 model number. Where the Galaxy Note 9 has a model number as SM-N960.

  Battery efficiency of Galaxy Note 10 Pro

The Korean Media has also reported that neither the Galaxy Note 10 nor Galaxy Note 10 pro. It has a single physical button on screen board as focused through Korean reporters. Also, the 4500mAh battery of Note 10 Pro is a 13% better over the capacity of the 4000mAh battery. That is featured in the last Samsung lunched model (Galaxy Note 9). The ICE University has reported that the upcoming models have efficient charging feature in the form of 25 W power. Further leaks stated that Samsung Note 10 Pro have the pen-ta camera. That is better than others with tetra cameras including two selfie cameras. This means Samsung 10 Pro have every thing just except the depth sensor.
It is also came into knowledge that The U.S. version of all Note 10 series is said to feature the Snapdragon 855 chip set, equipped with at least 8 GB of RAM. There is expectation of launching this  as early as upcoming August.


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