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Jobs have varying scope according to the the field they are relate. Health care professions have much high extend as they concern with both the earning money. And the most important you can serve the humanity by adopting such fields. There are number of such fields that count in health care. All these fields need just the duration of 10+ Education duration. Secondly, no specification is require in all these fields like others that need the specialization certificate. Now we will talk about the fields that come in medical care professions. We will discuss in a sequence.

The Medical Assistant

This person needs to pass Administrative task exams to have highest paying job. This person works in the Doctor’s Office or Hospital. This job opportunities for this profession is increasing much faster than any other fields especially in America From 2010-2020. Minimal training is require to have the job of Medical Assistant for any person.

Nursing Assistant

This job is to work under the registered or licensed nurse. Its responsibility is about obtaining vital signs relating to surgery, organizing medical equipment and administrating baths sponges and other such things. Nursing Assistant can have job even without training. The salary is about 1300 RS (Pakistani Currency) per hours.

Home Health – Aid

This profession is relating to serve the patients that are home bound. This includes dealing washroom requirements bathroom and dieting. The person with this profession have the options either to cover number of patients in a day or bound to live with single patient whole time. Such professionals work with disabled, chronically ill or cognitively impaired patients. The wages for such workers vary  from 1250 RS (Pakistani Currency) per hour of working.


Such person deals with the Mental Health Counselors (M.H.C) having mental problems overcome, such working effect their daily life much. College course of ten years may taken before completing the course to work by their own. With the Degree of Physiology they can analyze the root cause of the problem easily, secondly this profession is most highly paying one at second in Health care Profession. The hourly wages for the worker of this field is 3500 RS (Pakistani Currency).


It’s a well known term in the field of Health care. It has a degree course and the person may know as the physiologist that is with ability to operate the patients in the Hospitals. The Physiologist has the specialty in any field from pediatrics, family care, oncology, and intensive care. This profession of Health Care is most paying one, as per hour wage is  8800 Rs (Pakistan Currency).

There are number of such fields relating  to Health care jobs each one has unique specialty but still relating to same field. You can Visit . And Fields relating.

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