New emerging technologies



The technology is practical application of Knowledge. It is especially concern with engineering. This engineering is may be of  Software in the form of coding or hardware and most of the times is the combination.The practical applications of knowledge gives the trend of invention that is consider as technology era.  The  list of emerging technologies is expending day by day still present due to Digital World trend. And our extreme dependence on  these inventions. The New emerging technologies have a enough longer list.

New emerging technologies

There is enough difference between the list length of inventions and emerging technologies. Secondly these inventions are later classified into some sort of  technology term. This classification emerged when there was huge inventions, Then there was trend to adjust these inventions into there relevant field. The list of emerging Technologies is as follows:


This field has  role in a traditional way like others. As food is the ever first priority for the survival of life on earth.   Agricultural robot, Controlled ecological system, Cultural meats and Vertical Farming are the exemplary technologies being used in agriculture. Somehow these examples are the technology part making the Agriculture easy both as field as well as profession. Agriculture Products are world wide have market value in some as import and in some as export.


This field has a historic relation with Technology as before the technology inventions medical treatments were much complicated as well as time taking. Such as the process of disease diagnosis for common diseases was simple. But as disease goes complicated the process takes much time to diagnose exactly for efficient treatment. The most common example is genetic disease complication. Now we are moving to the era of Glass World that makes much easy the diagnosis of every disease even the side effects of any compound during the treatment. It is leading to the invention of efficient medicine specific to every person knowing the total present plus future make up of any person (Genetic combination).

Financial Technology   

It is also termed as “Fin-tech” that is aimed for the innovation concerned with the services related to financial services. It is the emerging industry that uses technology to improve finance activities. Most common examples are Smartphones banking app, online investing system and cryptocurrency  to make the financial activities more accessible to the general public. It is the collection of new applications, products, services and business models that are composed of one or more end-to-end complimentary components that are used in financial industry via internet. The services are may be by one or more service providers. such as at least one licensed bank or consumer. Trading in high level market the innovative electronic machines explaining market online and real trend of Market trends and investors behavior of same niche.

Variety of technologies are emerging such as educational, information, nanotechnology, biotechnology, cognitive science robotics, artificial intelligence psycho-technology.  Each of which has a significant role in the life of humans. As now a days no person is away from the information. suppose a person is working as Bioinformatic researcher, if he is working without technology, his/her work will take months of effort to get completed. As in Bioinformatics the researcher will first extract genetic material from the targeted specie, purify it by using different chemicals and then will send it to the Sequencing company and then check the previous records. The resources are not reliable to such level because people from the whole world are working on Bioinformatics. There are chance that the issue, you are trying to solve is not a problem at present.

But now whole previous work about any topic or problem is available in the form of existing literature. The researcher now a days always starts his work by studying the previous work about his problem. 

Marketing with technology  

Business is vast to the whole state for every person. Online stores is the reason behind this change. Any person living in any area can order by using  internet. This is the big achievement for both the product producer and the consumer of the product. As the seller is not bound to have shop or stalls to market his product. And the buyer too need not to travel to the shop or stall to buy the product. There is need of two things, the trust by the buyer to the seller and sellers honesty and efforts to tell the truth to the buyer and to full fill the expectation of the buyers respectively. 

These two are examples of education and business technology respectively. In the same way technology effects the life of humans in every field of his life. This role will be more efficient if the growth of technology will continue to work with same potential. One thing that is most important is the two sided view of every thing. same case is with technology. It is effecting humans life in negative way at the same rate if it is not under observation such as privacy issues, data leakage and cyber war as well.



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